Steve Brown, one of the greatest proponents of grace, wrote:

I’m often asked, “Okay, I get this grace thing, but where do you draw the line?”

My standard answer is that you don’t; and when you do, it’s no longer grace. Grace covers white lies, murder and porn. It’s an umbrella that invites gays, lesbians, adulterers, liars and thieves. It’s for the pretenders of goodness and obedience. It covers the arrogant, the fat, the angry and the failures. It’s for everybody who is unqualified.

The drawing of the line is more often than not an effort to attain power, manipulate, affirm one’s own righteousness and keep out the spiritual cretins from the “family.” Drawing a line is the stuff of which religious institutions are made. I find myself getting quite irritated when people do that…

There is (and you know it’s true) a mushy kind of grace sort of like what…attributes to political liberalism. It’s a ‘let’s join hands and sing Kumbaya around the campfire. You’re okay and I’m okay…so just keep singing because the singing is the important thing.'”

Now from Dirk: That “mushy” kind of grace is not part of the grace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ…that is heretical sentimentalism, not the grace that is from and founded in and exclusively kept by Jesus Christ and testified to by the Holy Spirit!

Grace to you, dirk