As I worshiped this morning in church, something hit me about activities in heaven. Yes, activities. Several years ago I endured an examination as part of my degree program. Four highly educated philosophers and theologians “grilled” me as to my intellectual fitness. It sucked.

The oldest member had metastasized cancer and died only days later. He was known for throwing odd ball questions, but that day the questions revealed the immediacy of his imminent transition.

First, he asked if I thought all dogs would go to heaven and to then support my position. I never saw the movie, so I felt at a loss. I fumbled through some answer on the new heavens and new earth possibly including dogs. He sighed and said that he really loved his dog and would like to be companions for eternity (There was, by the way,no mention of his wife).

After several other questioners taken their turns, he asked what would we do in heaven. I responded somewhat assuredly that we would praise God. Again, rather deflated, he said that eternity is a long time just to do that, “I mean, will we read, you know, novels, etc..?”

I looked at him and could only respond, “I do not know.”

His questions surfaced today. I realized that this man (and myself) have a diminished view of the glory of God. The glory of the Triune God is so intense and limitless and deep and multi-faceted that even eternity will not contain all to be praised and discovered. We think that twenty minutes (depending on your denominational background!) of hymns, psalms, and spiritual song just about wraps praise time.

In heaven, if the God of the Bible is real, He will enrapture each of us with an unending sense of awe supplanting and surpassing anything, simply with His unveiled presence.

That is the answer: Our excitement and desire to praise Him will never be exhausted, routine, or boring. It cannot be.

Blessings, The Dirk