The Dirk had a car breakdown yesterday (my sons will recall many of  of those!). I was stranded for several hours in a high traffic area, next to a McDonald’s during the middle of the day. The only people to offer help and the help I received was from women. I would like to say that the Dirk’s good looks and charm moved these women just to talk to me. The fact is that I am so NOT threatening. Not one man asked or offered to help me in almost three hours. The young mother who helped went home to get jumper cables and came back. She was a recent resident of the area from Granbury, Texas (how ’bout that, Huldrich?). She wanted to make sure her son knew that helping people is the “right thang” to do.

I thank God for the ladies who stopped and especially the sweet Texas gal that helped!

The car still is doesn’t work…sigh.

The Dirk