I want to hail a friend that passed away several years ago. We called him Big Brother Jack. He was big…6’2″ and over 400 pounds. He was an ex-pro wrestler and a little “rough around the edges.” He was one of the finest men I have ever met and a solid believer in Jesus Christ. He helped our family (only three of us at that time) beyond anything one can imagine. We were poor and many times without much food. Jack would come by our home and ask if we had enough food, as he pushed past me to look at our refrigerator and pantry for himself. If, in his estimation, the food cache was not to his liking, he would leave. About an hour later the big blue Mercedes would pull up with Jack and his characteristic cigar and a trunk full of food. Also, he took my family out to lunch every weekday (M – F) for over a year! He would help anyone…ANYONE that need it. I remember Jack paying for a bus repair from Mexico that had more than on flat tire. He bought the tires, had them put on, and bought food for everyone on the bus. So much more could be said about this wonderful, gruff, loving, saint. I simply will end with another praise to God for those saints to which He puts in our lives even during rough times. Dirk