Holidays always depress me. –Charlie Brown

Thanksgiving has morphed, of course, over the years into something more and something less of the Peanut’s Thanksgiving Special or the ever elusive (and never attained) Rockwell cover of Life. My blended family holiday as a child was rarely a disappointment and at nineteen I drove 36 hours straight to get to the dinner and Cowboys game. It was great as seen through the many years that have past.

I especially have loved the last ten years or so of Thanksgiving with just our sons and football with friends later. My wife and I had the Macy’s Christmas Parade blaring, experimented with different ways to cook turkey, made homemade buttermilk biscuits, my older son always excited about friends and football, and my younger son helping me with the secret pumpkin pie recipe. It will not be the same this year but I am truly thankful for all of the Thanksgivings we shared together but the last ten “shore up” the corporeal vacancy of this one. So, contra Good ‘ol Chuck Brown, I do not hate the holidays. I praise God for His goodness to me with such an undeserved and wonderful family.

How ‘bout them Boys!

The Chin